Victoria — the Mexican beer brand that honors local traditions and culture — wanted to celebrate Day of the Dead by sending out a powerful message: Mexicans are unstoppable, even in the afterlife.

Inspired by Aztec mythology and present-day talent, the epic spot takes you on a journey into Mictlan: the Aztec underworld. MediaMonks shot and post-produced this beautifully choreographed film starring Mexican dancer Isaac Hernández and featuring an original score by La Banda Bastön and Geo Meneses. They also produced a Nahuatl-spoken version of the ad, becoming the first native-language TVC to air in Mexico.

Victoria Client: Yune Helena Arangunen Sanchez & Chris Gonzales
Agency/Production: MediaMonks
CD: Alex Danklof
AD: Pedro German Lopez
PM: Regina Cardenas
Sales: Marcelo Planchart
Service Production: Republik Iceland
Production Co-ordinator: Kitty von-Sometime
Line Producer: Hronn Kristinsdottir
Rep: Nicholas Berglund
EP: Maarten Sundermann
UPM: Mimoun Bouchammir
Head of Production: Rogier Durant
Producer: Lennart Deen
DP: Stuart Winecoff
Director: Salomon Ligthelm
Post Production: MediaMonks
Post Producer: Linda Ostlund
VFX Supervisor: Arvid Bjorn
VFX Supervisor: Emilie Nilsson
1st AD: Richard Hoeffler
Score: Ryan Taubert
Edit: Adam Marshall
Editing Company: Whitehouse Post
Choreographer: Arthur Pita

Talent: Isaac Hernandez & Esteban Hernandez