Make a Masterpiece is a stock-photoshop challenge in which four Photoshop artists were asked to recreate a lost masterpiece using Adobe’s new built-in stock photo feature. We produced a site with an interactive gallery to demonstrate stock-for-stock how each artwork was recreated from scratch without ever leaving Photoshop. The gallery uses parallax effects to highlight different layers and the original “ugly, stupid, lame” stock photos that were used to compile each artwork. For the first time in history, people couldn’t stop raving about stock photos and their artful applications.

  • Cannes Lions Silver Digital Craft — ADOBE: MAKE A MASTERPIECE
  • Cannes Lions Silver Microsite — ADOBE: MAKE A MASTERPIECE
  • FWA: Site of the Day — ADOBE: MAKE A MASTERPIECE
  • ADC Gold Cube Digital: Interactive / Websites – Single — ADOBE: MAKE A MASTERPIECE
  • ADC AWARDS Bronze Cube in Digital: Craft in Digital / Art Direction Single — ADOBE: MAKE A MASTERPIECE
  • ADC Awards Silver Cube Advertising: Art Direction / Digital – Single — ADOBE: MAKE A MASTERPIECE


  • Cannes Lions – Silver – Cyber
  • D&AD – Yellow Pencil
  • Clios – Bronze
  • Art Directors Club – Gold, Silver, Bronze
  • One Show – Gold, Silver, Silver
  • FWA – Site of the day