Este Espíritu is an original song and music video produced right after the 2017 Mexico earthquake. The song features a remarkable collaboration between La Banda Bastön and Sotomayor and reflects the strong spirit of the Mexican people. Produced by our Monks in Mexico and directed by Leonardo Dalessandri, the video comprises eye-catching shots that are spliced together through match and jump cuts. We also produced a one-minute cutdown that Corona aired on TV. From hyperlapses and slowmos to a wide range of characters and locations, this production pulls no punches when telling its message.

  • Gold In Best Edition: “This Spirit” By MediaMonks For Corona.
  • Gold For Best Direction, For “This Spirit” By MediaMonks For Corona.
  • Silver In Best Cinematography, For “This Spirit” By Media.monks For Corona
  • Silver For “Este Espíritu” By Mediamonks And Parvin Música Para Corona.Category: Audiovisual Production
  • Bronze For Parvin’s “This Spirit” Music For Corona